Trustlook’s powerful mobile security SDK allows app developers to build custom security apps.


The Trustlook Mobile Security SDK is a small file (20KB) and requires low system resources compared to a traditional Antivirus / Malware SDK. However, it is the most technically advanced and flexible SDK in the industry. The Trustlook SDK features seven modules that app developers can choose from:

Mobile device risk score

Receive a comprehensive overall security score for phones or tablets to show if a device is safe or not.

Mobile virus scanning service

Trustlook provides APIs for scanning system applications and user applications.

Mobile security monitoring

On-demand service to monitor real-time events including APK download, package installation, and application launches.

Mobile application category check

Trustlook provides deep insights into individual apps.

Pirated application check

The Trustlook SDK scans apps on a user’s device and verifies their authenticity.

Mobile application information retrieval service

Trustlook offers APIs for extracting all types of application information.

Web content filtering service

Industry leading filtering API for native android browsers that protects against websites containing potentially malicious content.

"The partnership with Trustlook is working out amazingly well. We chose to work with Trustlook because of its innovative security platform and broad set of features."

– Tao Zhu

Vice President of Technology

Syngy Mobile

Why work with Trustlook?


Trustlook is a global leader in next-generation mobile device security. Our solutions find more vulnerabilities sooner than any other to provide the industry’s smallest vulnerability window. Trustlook’s solutions protect users from both known and zero-day threats by examining over 20,000 new and updated applications every day for malware and malicious behavior. Learn more about our technology here.


You do not need to be a mobile security expert to get up and running with the Trustlook Mobile Security SDK. We have already done the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to focus on your core app-building strengths. Our SDK is ready when you are.


Trustlook’s massive cloud-based architecture can support millions of API calls. Currently, Trustlook’s infrastructure supports applications with a total user base of more than one billion. Whatever your demands, Trustlook can handle.

Case studies

GO Security

Sungy Mobile is a mobile app developer that chose to work with Trustlook to leverage Trustlook’s fast and lightweight mobile security technology. They implemented the Trustlook Mobile Security SDK as the foundation for their new security app, named GO Security. Download the Trustlook Mobile Security SDK whitepaper for full details on GO Security’s implementation.

"The GO Security app is a significant development for how Trustlook works with organizations. Our anti-malware technology is already used within many leading apps, and now with GO Security, Trustlook’s technology has been used to create an entirely new security app."

– Allan Zhang

Co-Founder and CEO

Trustlook Inc.


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