Trustlook’s Superior Technology

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Fastest Discovery of Malware

Trustlook can find new malware in mere hours, versus the multiple days required by our competitors. Our automated cloud-based behavioral analysis engine bypasses the need for manual detection by researchers.

Other Antivirus

The entire process of identifying malware through signatures can take weeks or months.


Trustlook’s behavioral analysis engine identifies malware in as little as hours.

Intelligent, Cloud-based Behavioral Analysis Leads to the Largest Malware Coverage

Due to mobile device resource limitations, most signature-based solutions detect only 30% of the malware library. Trustlook’s cloud solution checks the entire database of known malware samples, every time, ensuring the highest coverage. Higher coverage means more complete user protection.

The Trustlook Architecture

Trustlook’s massively parallel malware crawler efficiently mines data and collects apps from various app markets and websites. Once collected, apps are analyzed by Trustlook's behavioral analysis engine. Trustlook’s big data server farms store the wealth of metadata and behavioral information from these apps.

1 Collect

Trustlook acquires approximately 20K apps per day into its collection engine from multiple sources, including the Google Play Store, 3rd party app stores, and Trustlook users.

2 Analyze

Trustlook analyzes the behavior of each app in a static and dynamic environment through sophisticated machine learning models.

3 Build

Trustlook updates its antivirus cloud with information on each app, and distinguishes apps with malware versus safe apps.

Five Layers of Protection

Trustlook can be integrated into any part of the mobile technology stack.

  • Web Security: Filter specific websites and categories
  • App Security: Malware scan and anti-piracy protection
  • Network Security: Public Wi-Fi alerts
  • Data Security: Data backup and personal data wipe
  • Device Security: Device locator and ability to lock device