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SkyEye by Trustlook: Deep Insights into Mobile Apps

Learn how SkyEye has quickly become the leading online platform that mobile security researchers and developers use to analyze APK files and identify viruses, worms, trojans and other kinds of malicious content.

Learn about Trustlook’s superior technology

Trustlook can find new malware in mere hours, versus the multiple days required by our competitors. Our automated cloud-based behavioral analysis engine bypasses the need for manual detection by researchers.

Sentinel is 100% ROM-level behavioral-based malware detection

Trustlook Sentinel malware detection is built into the operating system of a mobile device. With Sentinel, Trustlook effectively shuts the vulnerability gap between initial malware detection and the security compromise of a mobile device.

Integrate Trustlook’s Mobile Security SDK

The Trustlook Mobile Security SDK is a robust, feature-packed and multi-layered security framework for building mobile security apps. Learn about the seven components of the Trustlook Mobile Security SDK, and how you can get started today.