Powering security features in mobile applications and devices

SECUREai Mobile Defend

A powerful SDK that accesses a cloud-based service for building advanced mobile security apps.

  • Provides mobile virus scanning and mobile device risk score
  • Auto-scan feature provides proactive protection
  • Lightweight SDK consumes only 300KB
  • Easily integrates with any mobile app or Linux device
  • Integrates static and dynamic detection
  • Can process 6000 requests per second
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Huawei, the #3 device maker worldwide, uses SECUREai Mobile
SECUREai App Insights
SECUREai App Insights

There is a reason why two of the top five app stores choose Trustlook SECUREai App Insights. It offers more than 80 pieces of information for each mobile application, including permissions, libraries, network activity, a risk score, and more. Now, app store owners, app developers, researchers and fraud prevention specialists can make informed decisions when analyzing apps.

  • Contains more than 80 pieces of information for each APK file
  • Provides a score for a mobile application that indicates its risk
  • Reports are generated in as little as 15 minutes
  • Identifies viruses, worms, adware, trojans, and other potentially malicious content
  • Perfect for app store owners, app developers, researchers and fraud prevention specialists
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Trustlook works with leading chip makers in the mobile industry to deliver chip-level malware detection, as well as hardware tokens for authentication and encryption of mobile devices.

  • Real-time behavior observation, always-on 24/7
  • Machine-learning based behavior classification from 400 triggers
  • Detects zero-day attacks and unknown malware
  • Power-efficient, with less than 1% CPU overhead
  • Prevents unauthorized devices & users from connecting to online services or applications
  • Protects sensitive transactions such as payments, banking, and health
  • Perfect for OEMs, mobile operators, and app developers
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SECUREai Device 360
SECUREai Device 360

Experience multi-layered protection for smartphones and specialty mobile devices. Trustlook SECUREai Device 360 consists of four independent security products for the ultimate protection and hardening of Android devices. Each product covers a specific scope and serves a particular role in the overall security scheme. This solution is applicable to all Android devices, ranging from smartphone to critical devices used by consumers, governments, and enterprise users.

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Mobile Security and Antivirus

Trustlook’s industry-leading Android application to protect against malicious applications and files.


On-Device Behavioral Detection

Trustlook’s next generation hardware driven AI engine that monitors Android system behaviors.


Mandatory Access Control

Enforcement of rules on files and processes for defined security policies.


Kernel-Level Security Module

Tracking of all system calls and the associated process, user, and context.