Protect your network with the advanced AI-based threat prevention and detection capabilities of SECUREai Core Prevent and SECUREai Core Detect.

SECUREai Core Prevent

Key Features and Benefits

Firewall vendors and network appliance makers benefit from SECUREai Core's threat prevention capabilities. This product revolutionizes network-level malware detection by replacing outdated solutions with an intelligent engine that utilizes the most cutting edge machine learning methods to detect anomalies.

  • Blocks malicious PE files and ransomware files pre-execution
  • Lightweight engine integrates with wide range of network products
  • Industry leading detection rates and low false positives
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Detection Rate
    Technical Specifications
  • Size:4MB
  • Implementation:C-Library as software SDK
    ELF executable binary
  • Platform requirements:CPU Intel1GHz or faster 32-bit (x86) or
    64-bit (x64), RAM 512M
  • Supported OS:Linux
  • Performance:94.0% detection rate
    2GB throughput per minute
  • Functionality: 70,000 features analyzed
    Static analysis
    Machine learning
Discover the Benefits of SECUREai Core Detect
SECUREai Core Detect

Visibility and security for IoT devices and network behavior

Businesses today embrace the idea of anywhere, anytime connectivity, but face challenges in monitoring and securing the behaviors of all the devices connecting to their network. The rise in BYOD, virtual machines, cloud computing, and, most notably, the IoT, only makes the problem worse. SECUREai Core Detect allows IT administrators to quickly see what IoT devices are on their network. In addition, sophisticated algorithms continually analyze communication to and from every device, instantly identifying anomalies and suspicious network behavior.

  • IoT devices are instantly identified and categorized based on pre-defined policies
  • Easily integrates with existing networking and security infrastructure
  • Robust, reliable real-time monitoring of each device‚Äôs network behavior
  • AI-powered network behavior monitoring identifies threats and abnormal behavior
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