SECUREai IoT Protect

Embedded device security powered by artificial intelligence

Key Features of SECUREai IoT Protect

Trustlook SECUREai IoT Protect is the perfect security engine to power your IoT solution. From smart televisions to critical infrastructure, we help secure devices and communications with the power of artificial intelligence.

  • Works with any IoT device running embedded Linux
  • Integrated “Guard-in-Castle” model provides additional security layer complementing existing solutions
  • Fine grain kernel-level monitoring of system calls, network and device resources
  • Hardens against persistent attacks & cannot be disabled by the user
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Trustlook’s IoT security solution is built into the device kernel
Discover the Benefits of SECUREai IoT Protect
Benefits of using SECUREai IoT Protect
  • Identifies vulnerable apps that are owned by root/root shell exploit
  • Prevents arbitrary downloads of executable malware binaries
  • Identifies modification of system binary, config, and startup scripts
  • Detects ransomware or other file encrypting methods
  • Prevents brute-force attacks that acquire root permissions
  • Prevents DDoS or simulated botnet malware
  • Secures the kernel against installing and loading arbitrary Linux Kernel Modules
  • Prevents unauthorized system shutdown commands