Malware Detection Service

Provide mobile and Windows portable executable (PE) malwares, ransomware online scanning service by Trustlook detection engine with AI technologies. At the same time lightweight SDKs are offered to developers and services can be integrated into mobile devices, Windows / Linux server and IoT embedded devices etc.


Android, Windows and Linux systems

Lightweight SDKs / Restful API

SDK size starts at 40K. Easy to integrate with minimal development time.



Malware Samples

60 millions mobile malware samples

500 millions PE malare samples

100K samples updates weekly

High Detection with AI Engine

>99.5% detection rate in mobile

> 95% detection rate in PE

> 99% detection rate in Ransomware

< 0.1% false positive


Trusted by hundreds of customers.

AV Test Top Product

Mobile Engine

Based on the monthly API calls

$99.00 & UP

$ 199 & UP

100,000 API Calls $99
500,000 API Calls $399
1,000,000 API Calls $799
5,000,000 API Calls $1,599
10,000,000 API Calls $3,199
10M+ API Calls   :   $100/Million

Choose Your Pricing Plan

We provide more than 5 pricing plans.

You may select the most suitable one, which meets your requirements.