URL Filtering Service

Up to date information on billions of sites.

Trustlook URL AI Engine scans the web for malicious sites in order to continuously improve our comprehensive database.

Enhance web security the easy way

Flexible integration options for building URL Filtering Service into applications, servers, IoT devices, routers and firewalls etc.


URL Database

More than 1 billion urls with categories

High Coverage

>99.9% coverage

>99% Accurate


10 primitive classifications

80 detailed classifications

URL Filtering

Based on the monthly API calls

$99.00 & UP
100,000 API Calls $99
500,000 API Calls $199
1,000,000 API Calls $399
5,000,000 API Calls $799
10,000,000 API Calls $1,599
10M+ API Calls   :   $100/Million

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We provide more than 5 pricing plans.

You may select the most suitable one, which meets your requirements.