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Security as a Service, Android SECaaS SDK for $99/month with free trial

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Android Wifi Security Detection

Wifi Security provides advanced detections of wireless network attacks by ARP spoofing, DNS spoofing and SSL stripping & splitting. No need to understand the complicated algorithm and rules in the background, just simply call the APIs and it will tell the security details of current Wifi connection.

  1. ARP spoofing

  2. DNS spoofing

  3. SSL stripping & splitting

wifi security detection


ARP Spoofing Detection

  1. Detect information stealing & data-in-transit modification

DNS Spoofing Detection

  1. Detect specific domain name rerouted network activities

SSL Stripping & Splitting Detection

  1. Detect data leaking to man-in-the-middle attacks

Wifi Security Plan

  1. Available with malware detection subscription
  2. Consume same quota from subscription
  3. Mobile SDK Available
  4. Email SUPPORT